We Work Winters

Why a Hy-Grade



Many people are under the impression that winter and snow mean ‘no-go’ for putting a new roof on their home or cottage. This just simply isn’t true! The winter is a great time to have a Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System installed. This way you can free up your spring or summer to focus on other renovation projects that can’t be done in the winter. Also, like most home renovation companies, we typically see an increase of inquiries as the weather gets warmer. If you contact us in the winter, you can get ahead of the crowds!

As far as the installation process goes; Hy-Grade’s roof system goes right on top of your existing roof once we remove any snow. Nothing is exposed & nothing goes to the landfill.

The first step in installation is to install our double-strapping system. Once the strapping is in place, it acts as a ladder on your roof. It provides traction for our installers to then put the rest of the system together safely. This is what our strapping system looks like:

Our installers are also trained on best practices for working outside in the winter. Safety is always our number one priority, especially in extreme weather. We send reminder notices to our teams on extremely cold days, the same way we send them on extremely hot days in the summer. We have both cold and heat stress plans in place to be proactive in case of emergency. These notices remind our workers about how to spot signs of hypothermia and heat stress.

For over 31 years we’ve been working year ‘round to protect Ontario, one roof at a time!

For more information about the Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System, or to schedule your No Cost—No Obligation Quote, please CONTACT US TODAY!