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By keila | April 12, 2019 | Why a Hy-Grade

Our Mission: “To be known as the Roofing Leader by the providing the best product and service.”

How do we make sure we are living up to Our Mission? We ask our customers to let us know in Hy-Grade Reviews! We’ve created the #1 Residential Steel Roofing System in Ontario and continue to place consistently excellent customer service as a top priority!

To make sure our efforts are translating into happy customers, we collect Hy-Grade Reviews from many different platforms. Every customer receives a survey at the end of their installation. This survey is sent with return postage and is our way of ensuring every single customer has a chance to let us know how we did!

In addition to our traditional paper-survey, we’ve also made sure to be available wherever our customers are online. There are many different avenues for feedback online today, so we collect Hy-Grade Reviews on many of these popular websites. Here are a few of them:

Hy-Grade Review Sites:

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Better Business Bureau


Yellow Pages

Other Feedback Opportunities

We know leaving a public review is not always our customer’s preference. We’ve created a page on our website HERE for those who’d prefer to send their Hy-Grade Reviews directly to us!

How are we doing?

See some of our customers latest Hy-Grade Reviews here: