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Current Promotions, Why a Hy-Grade

Best Metal Roofing in Ontario

We are very proud to be celebrating our 30th Year in Business! Our Proven and Perfected System is Ontario’s #1 Residential Steel Roofing System with over 15,000 roofs installed Province-wide. Contact us to find out how we’ve paved the way for metal roofing in Ontario over 30 years!

Cool fact about our current flyer; our full team contributed to the words filling the bubble! In a team meeting, we took a minute to have everyone answer the question “What makes Hy-Grade different from other steel roofing companies?” Collecting perspectives from different areas of our business showed just how many unique strengths we have as a team. Have a look at a few examples in our current flyer below:

Hy-Grade Steel Roofing has been the industry-leading expert on metal roofing in Ontario for many years. We’ve perfected our engineered system to be the #1 best option for metal roofing in Ontario, given our unique environmental conditions. Find out more about why a Hy-Grade Roof is the best option for your #1 investment and contact us for a free, no obligation consultation and quote HERE!